A Blast from the Past – Glasgow, Scotland!

Being from around Shillong, India which is also known as “Scotland of the East”, I was quite eager to actually see Glasgow, Scotland for myself and boy was it something. Although this trip was done quite a few years ago, it still kind of feels fresh in memories.

Nestled on the bank of Clyde River, this beautiful little city called Glasgow is the capital of Scotland. The pebbled streets along with Victorian and Gothic structures gives a feeling of being transported to a different era altogether. Within these oldish looking structures lies the modern times with offices and stores that one can ask for.

Glasgow Scotland

Places of interest in Glasgow, Scotland:

The city center is the main hub for people to meet and have a great time as it is conveniently accessible from any and every part of this town. Really enjoyed exploring the famous Argyle Street with all its street performers alongside cafes and shopping arcades.

Argyle Street Glasgow

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum is something to be explored by any and everyone as it houses some of the exquisite stuff related to the Viking Era among others. Spread in a humongous area, the museum is almost impossible to circumnavigate in a day. I had to go back a day later to enjoy every nook and corner of the place.

Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow Scotland

One picture is not enough for this amazing museum.

Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow

Glasgow University lists as one of the major and sought after places for higher studies in UK. With my sister being a student here, it was an experience to explore a few parts of this historic place of education, the buildings did seem like straight out of Harry Potter series.

Hogwartz structures Glasgow

Well when so many college students around, there’s bound to be a few spots to party and chill. There are quite a few nightclubs around to make sure people have their fill of dancing and letting their hair down. The only club that I could manage to visit is the famous BoHo nightclub which had an unique feature of being the only club with headphones so it wasn’t noisy at all. It was a welcome change as it was my first time experiencing it. Pictorial evidence on the walls show that it is quite a popular hangout zone for celebrities as well.

Nighclubs in Glasgow
With my sister in Boho

After all the partying, food becomes the next necessary hunt. Late at night only a handful of joints are open which are thronged by the party-goers and the most exploited food has to be fish and chips. I too had my fill of the same and boy was it wonderful around midnight at Merchant Chippie.

merchant chippie Glasgow

Bonus sight in Glasgow:

Glasgow has always been a choice of location for Hollywood movies; where else can you find a NYPD (New York Police Dept) squad car in United Kingdom. The squad car used to be parked in front of Tribeca Cafe and was available for taking pictures.

Fun times in Glasgow

Even after all these years, it still feels like one of the best weeks of my life with the blistering cold weather and Scottish charm around.

Have you been to Glasgow yet? Do share your experience in the comments below.

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