Hidden beaches of Bali!

Well its not too often that one gets to explore an almost empty beach in Bali. Being that beaches of Bali has been under exploration by travellers and locals equally.

However, it is my pleasure to inform you that there are still hidden beaches in Bali that can be exempted from all the commotion and usual beach stuff.

Well, I’ll try and keep it short and basic so that you don’t waste time reading about them and rather go and explore them on your own.

Here are a few unexplored hidden beaches of Bali:

Nelayan Beach – A graffiti laden black sand beach in Canggu can be easily missed as its mostly used by fishermen to stow away their boats. Barely 200 meters walk from Batu Bolong Beach, Nelayan Beach can be awesome for people who loves clicking pictures and enjoy the surf. The lonesome warung at the entrance hosted by a wonderful and hospitable Indonesian couple stocks up on local food, ramen as well as beverages.

Kedungu Beach – Simply put, its a beach with a waterfall. Although its quite popular with the locals around Canggu and Tanah Lot for spectacular sunset, it can be considered as one of the hidden beaches of Bali as it is not popular among travellers and tourists. With rock formations creating a perfect backdrop for the waterfall Kedungu Beach is a must visit for everyone. With Instagram worthy spots, the beach is about 15 minutes drive from the famous Tanah Lot temple.

Melasti Beach – A pristine white sand beach located a few miles from the famous Uluwatu temple, Melasti beach is gorgeous as well as beautiful. Spectacular views, mesmerizing corals and rocks makes for the perfect spot for a day out. With not many people around, it can be a quaint spot for people to meditate and enjoy nature at its best as it is one of the hidden beaches of Bali. Although there is literally just two warungs at the entrance to the beach, they keep their inventory stocked up. From coconuts to instant noodles to beer, they have everything that one might need around a beach. The waters in Melasti is ideal for snorkeling and swimming, surfers may give it a pass as the reef is too shallow.

Green Bowl Beach – With around 10 minutes drive separating Green Bowl from Melasti, it is no wonder that this beach would be beautiful. But, let me just say that is an under statement. Green Bowl is spectacularly beautiful and is a great spot for surfers and beach lovers alike. A short hike down the hill that takes about 15 minutes is totally worth it once you reach the bottom. A hidden delight by all aspects, the beach does have just a tiny spot who sells waters and prepacked snacks for the unprepared ones. Up in the hill there are exactly three warungs to make sure that visitors are well fed and hydrated.

Nyang Nyang Beach – Sitting pretty around 20 minutes from Uluwatu temple, Nyang Nyang is a little slice of heaven that can only be found by the ones who are devotedly looking for it. Located off the beaten path (literally), reaching Nyang Nyang Beach is a task in itself. A rugged 600 metres trek from the parking through a beaten path by following markings on the way. A chance encounter with monkeys on the way down and tiny make shift warungs to help refresh the ones who are less then enthusiastic about going further. Once through the vegetation laden trek, it opens up to a  beautiful open grassland beyond which the Nyang Nyang gem can be seen and felt. With bluish green colour waters and white sand Nyang Nyang beach instantly became my favourite of all the beaches in Bali.

Since, I am trying to explore more unknown and hidden beaches of Bali, it might take a while to make a list of all them. But keep an eye out on regular updates and do let me know abut your favourite beaches in the comments below.

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