My Jungle Book with Pugdundee Safaris

Growing up in the North East of India, I had an inclination towards jungles, forests and mountains from a very young age.

So, when an opportunity presented to experience the jungles of Central India with Pugdundee Safaris, I could not believe my luck.

Following a two nights stay in Bhopal for the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Mart we were swiftly transported from the city to the wonderful jungles of Satpura in merely 4 hours.

The next three days of our stay was in the treehouse of the beautiful and eco friendly Denwa Backwater Escape. Situated on the banks of the Denwa river, the overall experience of being in Denwa Backwater Escape as well as Satpura National Park was an eye opener.

With activities such as Jungle Walk, Jeep Safari, Canoe ride, Boat ride, Jungle Camping, etc. it is no wonder that anyone who visits Denwa Backwater Escape does have a great and memorable time.

Endearing hospitality, gourmet food and earnest service along side the beautiful surroundings, Denwa Backwater Escape was a couple of notches higher then I imagined.

Although we had to leave after three days of complete bliss, there was more surprises and excitement in store for us as we headed towards the award winning Pugdundee Safaris’ Kanha Earth Lodge.

A smooth 7 hours drive from Denwa Backwater Escape, Kanha Earth Lodge is a premium luxury eco lodge with an onus on environmental sustainability.

Built quite some distance away from the main streets and nearby villages, Kanha Earth Lodge as per my opinion one of the best jungle lodges in India, hands down!

With tribal architecture and recycled materials used for construction without compromising on luxury is something that can only be experienced and not explained.

Our stay of three nights with Kanha Earth Lodge was filled with activities like Nature Walk, Jeep Safaris, Sundowners, Cycling, etc. along with some tantalizing food, friendly staff and luxury.

Apart from all the amazing experiences that we had with Pugdundee Safaris, the ones that especially stood out for me personally was the Jungle Walk and Canoe ride in Satpura along with the Jeep Safaris (had glorious sighting of Munna the tiger after a decade) and Sundowners.

I am sure that I would’ve really enjoyed the activities that I missed out on like Jungle Camping and Cycling from Kanha to Pench due to lack of time. But there should always be an excuse to go back to these places and relive the experiences over and over.

I can never get enough of the jungles in my life! Guess that makes me partly like Mowgli from the iconic Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book which was coincidentally based on the jungles of Kanha and Central India.

Note: I was a guest with Pugdundee Safaris, however all opinions and views mentioned are completely my own.

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